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Designs with purpose.

We are replacing the seasonal search for sales triggering colors and "innovations" with research on sustainable solutions with a long term perspective. Probably bold, surely challenging, but most definitely a lead that will conclude long lasting products of authentic value and high quality. 

A SERAC® is a product in our T-line.

Our current production is a limited-edition run of 100 units per style with each garment identified with its own unique serial number. 

By concentrating on a few key items per season, time and dedication is ensured to perfect the features of each style. Our design process and product decisions are thoroughly discussed, drafted and prototyped many times over to avoid premature fashion fall out. A SERAC® shall endure years of use.

On average, the assembly of an insulated winter jacket is about 3-5 hours. Contrary to the T-lines lean appearance, it requires a complex assembly that demands as much as up to 8 hours to manufacture. This intricate construction is part of what will make our outerwear hold up over time. To ensure this level of quality and finish, the T-line is manufactured by one of the most renowned manufacturing companies in Northern Italy.

Surely, the hardier the materials, the more time it takes to wear the garment, though we believe that material durability is not purely a physical property. Equally important is the qualities manifested in the style and design of each piece, which ultimately causes the user to want it to last forever. 

Current SERAC owners, future SERAC owners, and all you guys out there with experience and opinions on how to dress, wear, use, style, reuse outerwear in any way. Feel free to fuel our developments with your input, concerns, feedback and ideas for the future! We'd love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, and we'll for sure listen. 

As said by one of our times greatest inventors - More important than knowledge is imagination - So how do you imagine the best alternatives for the future?


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